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In February, 2015, Dawnell became the twenty seventh president of the Utah State Poetry Society. UTSPS was founded by C. Cameron Johns and several charter members in 1950 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1963. The Society has published 51 manuscripts over the period of its long history. Panorama, an anthology, is also published annually and Utah Sings is published once every ten years. "I am both pleased and privileged to be associated with so many wonderful poets who I call my friends. If you are interested in finding out more go to utahpoets.com and look at our facebook and blog." 

Every ten years, UTSPS publishes an anthology. The 2015 edition is available online. Also check out the rules for our upcoming annual poetry contest and the Redrock and Poetry-in the-Park websites. 

On Judgment Day. Author, Dawnell H. Griffin, Utah Poet of the Year, 2012, Winner of the Utah State Poetry Society Book Publication Award. Publisher, Utah State Poetry Society, 2012. Hard Cover. Format 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, 71 pages. Dust Cover Photo by L. David Griffin. Limited copies available. Contact Frank M. DeCaria, 1189 North 900 West, Clinton, Utah. decariaf@hotmail.com

Dawnell H. Griffin, Utah Poet of the Year in 2012, was winner  of the Utah State Poetry Society Book Publication Award for her manuscript, On Judgment Day. Of these poems, Lowell Jaeger, college creative writing teacher and author of four collections of poems wrote, "There are powerful poems derived from the sting of real pain. These poems are brave in their willingness to face tragedy without a trace of self-pity, brave in their honesty, and braver still in their restraint. . . expect to be surprised by this poet's manner. This poet reminds us again that a meaningful story can be told in many ways, but best of all in a way we've never quite experienced before."